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Welcome to the Australian Hairdressing Council Benchmarking project; a financial business benchmarking service allowing you to compare the performance of your salon with the profession. This is available to all AHC members at no additional cost.

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What does it offer?

If you are trying to understand exactly how profitable your salon is in order to be better prepared for the future, you need this application. Using industry data, Benchmarking can make sure you understand how your salon is performing across the year. This offers an opportunity to start planning for the growth you want to achieve.


Frequently asked questions

All data remains your property

The AHC has at no stage access to the individual results. and FMRC have worked as data clearing houses for Australian and NZ businesses for over 25 years and data confidentiality is the hallmark to our success.

More information

The AHC and have been conducting the annual benchmarking project since 2016.

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Any questions you want to ask?

If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact at any time on 02-9262 5564 or via

arrow is invaluable for businesses to improve performance and focus on the really critical KPIs.

Business Mentor and Advisor – The Business Centre Newcastle

Michael Hilsden, FAIM, FACS

Michael Hilsden, FAIM, FACS

With the Benchmark Suite, we now offer our clients benchmarking and consulting services - creating an additional revenue stream.

Shaw Downie Chartered Accountants

Nick Shaw | Director

Nick Shaw | Director